Things to do when you are in Australia

Queensland must undoubtedly be a mandatory stop on your trip through Australia, since it has some of the most photographed places in the country. Its impressive coral reef, the only living being that can be seen from space according to the writer Bill Bryson, the largest sand island in the world, the beach with the purest silica sand or its capital Brisbane , the third city of Australia are some of the treasures that you can find along its more than 2,000 km of coastline. We tell you what you should not miss in the so-called Sunshine State.

Discover the Barrier Reef from Its Northernmost Location: Cairns

Cairns are a small tourist town that lives by and for the barrier reef. In it you can find endless agencies that will help you organize the perfect excursion. Do not take the first one you saw, go through the Esplanade until the end and compare, since the same trip can vary up to $ 50. We recommend snorkeling through the outer reef (outer reef) on day trips with food included and with enough time to dive. For the more adventurous the scuba diving or the baptism of diving are among the most offered by the agencies.

The variety of coral colors is incredible

Something as wonderful as the coral reef, has to be taken care of by all, so follow the advice of your guide and respect the ecosystem without touching the coral so we can continue enjoying it. Most likely, some fish will come out to say hello, some excursions will leave you for an hour on a desert island, of which few will want to return. And who knows, if you’re lucky, you can see sea turtles, clown fish or marine snakes, yes, ALWAYS with neoprene suit, since jellyfish are the order of the day in that area of the barrier.

Do not even think about taking off your suit!

Another essential stop is the archipelago of the Whitsundays, 74 idyllic islands, mostly unpopulated, and sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef. The excursions depart mainly from the neighboring Airlie Beach (good stop with quite a backpacker atmosphere for the night) and will take you to the most famous islands such as Hamilton Island, Hook Island or Whitsunday Island. You can also snorkel in another part of the barrier, also incredible!

Supply stop on the island of Whitsunday

And of course the jewel in the crown: White heaven beach, 7 km from the purest sand on the planet. You will be struck by the peculiar sound that comes from stepping on its sand, due to its purity, with 98% silica. Needless to say, it is forbidden to take it as a souvenir. It’s incredible combination of transparent waters and white sand turned it into a film set in Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge. In order to know more click over here now.

Enjoy the Endless Beaches of Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast is characterized by its endless beaches of fixed sand. At this height of the coast, the barrier of coral no longer prevents the formation of waves and the surf is perfect for surfing. Picturesque villages such as Noosa or Rainbow beach are the best known and the best options to find accommodation.